In honor of today’s release of The Connecticut Bride Magazine feature on Erin Brady and Tony Capasso’s wedding, I thought it only fitting to put together their more complete wedding gallery. With a guest count of over 470 people at Aria in Prospect, CT; the article in the magazine does little to showcase the incredible time everyone had on that perfect day in December. 12.13.14

   Reception at Aria Banquets in Prospect, CT


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Stephanie and Jeff

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Monica Jeppesen - May 21, 2015 - 8:25 pm

Congratulation Stephanie dear, and best wishes for many, many years of happiness together! We have not seen you since you were a little tyke but our hearts are always with you. Such beautiful pics, nice photographer. You look so much like your mum and dad and the boys are such nice handsome men now… Kyle just got engaged too…Good Luck

Be prepared for flowers overload when you take a look at Perri and Gary’s Wedding! The New Haven Lawn Club was covered in  gorgeous floral arangements everywhere you looked!! Perri and Gary

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Sherry Bruder Fucci - May 15, 2015 - 10:57 pm

Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful day! The photographers were wonderful and professional!

Deborah Coulombe - May 16, 2015 - 12:20 am

Very nice. A beautiful wedding!

Krystal Lynn Webb - May 16, 2015 - 1:06 am

Beautiful Wedding Day, had an awesome time with a bunch of really nice people. I wish u both the best that life has to offer you.

GS Troop Hamden - May 16, 2015 - 3:10 pm

What breath-taking pics!!! Much happiness 2 U both.

Vanessa and Mike

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Vanessa Macary - June 5, 2015 - 1:40 am

Love it!

Christine Mayer Niglio - June 5, 2015 - 3:33 am

Absolutely Beautiful.. I’ve never seen anything like this. Wishing the Bride and Groom many years of Happiness!!! Vanessa, Your mom and I go way back to grammer school. And your Aunt Monika and I are still friends from 1968. Wow it’s been a long time… Aunt Patty and I know each other from later on… Your Grandma and Grandpa are and were wonderful people..We used to hang out in your Grandma’s house growing up in Clifton.. Anyway Sweetie, Have a Wonderful Life, Congratulations…. Love, Crissy

Carol Kerstner - June 5, 2015 - 4:15 am

Awesome ! What a great idea for a wedding .you looked beautiful .Your Mom hasn’t changed since we hung out together a very long time I know your family even remember your Great Grandma your Mom hasn’t changed we use to hang out a long time ago I still see your Grandma such a great woman & your Aunt Patty helped me with my Dad when he was sick wishing you And your husband many years together with Love ,happiness & wealth

Patricia Anikonow - June 5, 2015 - 4:25 pm

Just Beautiful. What a fantastic job you did. cAN NOT WAIT TO see more

Ellen Macary - June 6, 2015 - 12:03 am

Faaaaaaaannntaaastic!!!! Even better than I remember it! Vanessa, you look absolutely beautiful!!! Oh yeah… you too, Mike! Can’t wait to see the rest.Love you both.